Who We Are:

Between the overload of school work and the never ending hustle of the city, Chabad is a home away from home for students at Columbia University; a cozy place to unwind in an oasis of Jewish tradition, friends and homemade food. 

Inspired by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and founded on the basis of Chassidut philosophy, Chabad’s goal is to create a Jewish community in which inidividuals feels comfortable to explore and deepen their Jewish identity.  Whether it be at a Shabbat meal, Torah study session or social gathering, no matter the background or familiarity to Judaism, every student is welcomed and loved.


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Meet the Team

Rabbi Yuda Drizin grew up in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. He studied in yeshiva abroad in Paris, Israel and Argentina before returning to New York to receive his rabbinical ordination from the central Chabad Yeshiva. Rabbi Yuda has experience in Jewish communal leadership having practiced as a summer Rabbi in Windhoek, Namibia and leading services for the high holidays in Kobe, Japan. His genuine interest in others, along with his sincerity and wisdom, make it natural for him to connect with people of all ages, stages and backgrounds. He has a passion for sharing Jewish knowledge and inspiration and loves to schmooze over coffee.

Contact: yuda@chabadcolumbia.org


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Naomi Drizin was raised in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn where she grew up helping her parents with their work in Chabad of the local Jewish community. From a young age, Naomi taught friends the Aleph Bet, invited neighbors to join the Passover Seders and enjoyed preparing for Chanukah and Purim festivals. After completing her schooling, she taught for three years at Beth Rivkah girls high school. She recently graduated with a Master of Social Work from Wurzweiler School of Social Work. She ensures that everyone who walks through the door feels comfortable and welcome with her enthusiasm and warm smile. 


Contact: naomi@chabadcolumbia.org

The Drizin family moved to Morningside Heights in 2019. They look forward to devoting their lives to working with the Jewish students and faculty members of Columbia undergrad and graduate programs.


Executive Student Board 2022 -2023


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Chabad at Columbia is my home away from home on campus. It is a warm and welcoming environment with endless opportunities for students to get involved. From weekly Shabbat dinners to learning opportunities and social events- Chabad really has it all covered! As Undergraduate Board President, I’m excited to help build a community of students who are looking for ways to be involved in Jewish life and give back to our surrounding communities.

VP Engagement

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I love that anyone and everyone is welcome at Chabad, and there is always someone there for you—whether you need to talk or just want to hang out. 
As Shabbat Chair and VP Engagement I’m excited to welcome all members of our community and help them have meaningful and worthwhile Jewish experiences at Chabad, both on Shabbat and during the week.

VP Treasurer

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I love Chabad for the way it serves as a Jewish home for the Columbia community. As an international student originally from Belgium, being part of the Chabad family has enabled me to remain connected to a community while far away from home. I am excited to be part of the board to help other international students like me find their place within the Chabad community

VP Events

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I love how Chabad truly makes everyone feel at home and allows students to learn more about their Judaism. I’m so excited to be able to plan meaningful and fun events to bring the community together and create amazing friendships.


VP Community Service

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I am so excited to be VP of Community Service this year! Chabad has felt like a second home ever since the first event, and I am honored to be apart of the board this year. Next year there will be many opportunities to give back to our community in New York, and I am so excited to help plan them for all of you!


VP Events

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I love Chabad at Columbia because of how warm and welcoming everyone is regardless of their background! It offers a safe and caring space to grow individually and as a Jew.  What I’m most excited to do with my position is plan super fun holiday events!


Rabbi and Rebbetzin Emeritus

Rabbi Yonah and Rebbetzin Keren Blum were directors of Chabad at Columbia University for 23 years. Together with their children, Shoshana, Esther, Chana, Zaly and Gavi, they led Chabad at Columbia with dedication and love. Through the years, they inspired and connected with thousands of students and faculty members who passed through their doors. Chabad at Columbia Univeristy will continue the vision of the Blums, to be an open and welcoming home for all.