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Shabbat Dinner

Shabbat Dinner

After a stressful week of classes and papers, students at Columbia University know that Shabbat dinner provides the peaceful hiatus that is so needed. With delicious homemade food, song and spirit, Shabbat at Chabad is a highlight of Jewish life on campus. Text "Shabbat" to 917-809-5339 or click on the link below to reserve. 



It's exciting when holidays fall out during the semesters! Whether it be starting the new year with High Holiday services + dinners, eating in the Sukkah, lighting up Columbia on Chanukah, partying on Purim or eating the Matzah at the Passover seders, we love celebrating together! Be sure you are signed up to the ChaBot to get updates and to RSVP.

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Social Events

Social Events

Whether it be a pickling event, paint night, Farbrengen, challah bake or good old social, we at Chabad love to create a space for students to meet new friends and have fun! Sign up by texting "Hello" 917-809-5339 or click on the link below to stay in the loop regarding upcoming social and holiday events.



Chabad is thrilled to be partnering with Birthright Israel to offer students at Columbia University a free, high quality Israel experience! Some of the highlights include hiking Masada, floating in the Dead Sea, Shabbat at the Western Wall, exploring Tel Aviv, riding camels and much more! Experience the land with all its history, culture and beauty!


Torah Classes

Throughout the ages, Torah Study has kept Judaism alive! We are proud to offer an array of classes that cover a variety of topics and cater to different learning levels. Rabbi Yuda teaches a weekly Tanya class, a weekly Advanced Parsha class, and a weekly JewishU class. Naomi teaches a monthly women's class. For more information, contact us below.

One on One
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One on One Torah Study

Is there a Jewish topic you always wanted to explore but never had a chance to? Are there Torah classes that you can’t attend because of your school schedule? Sign up to learn one on one with Rabbi Yuda or Naomi and we will do our best to find a time that works for you.

Mezuzah Bank

Mezuzah Bank

A Mezuzah is a little scroll which has inscribed in it the words of the Shema prayer. It is hung on the doorposts of Jewish homes and is a source of God’s protection and a display of Jewish pride. With the Mezuzah Bank, Chabad at Columbia University lends students Mezuzot for their dorm rooms. Sign up to receive yours and we’ll hang it up together.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Tzedaka includes giving of your time. Chabad at Columbia University invites you to participate in various volunteer opportunities throughout the year. To volunteer, text "volunteer" to the ChaBot at 917-809-5339 and we will keep you posted about different opportunities available. 

Get Involved

Get Involved

We'd love to hear your feedback! What would you like to see happen at Chabad at Columbia University? How can we improve our activities? What do you love about Chabad? Are you looking to become more involved?  

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