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Stay updated on Chabad's happenings and sign up to events through the ChaBot texting system. Get started by texting the ChaBot here


Shabbat Dinners

After a stressful week of classes and papers, students at Columbia University know that Shabbat dinner provides the peaceful hiatus that is so needed. Reservations are required. 

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Celebrating the Jewish holidays are a highlight at Chabad. Each holiday is planned thoughtfully to ensure that the celebrations feel homey and welcoming to everyone who attends. 


Social Events

Whether it be a pickling event, paint night, Farbrengen, challah bake or good old social, we at Chabad love to create a space for students to meet new friends and have fun! 



A free, high quality Israel experience for students at Columbia University! 

Experience the land with all its history, culture and beauty! Stay tuned for trip dates and applications. 


Torah Study

Throughout the ages, Torah Study has kept Judaism alive! We are proud to offer an array of classes that cover a variety of topics and cater to different learning levels. 

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Soul Sisters

A closed and intimate group for women to learn Torah in a setting that is feminine, supportive, warm and fun! Members get to participate in social activities and semesterly day trips.



Did you know that tzedaka includes giving of your time? Participate in acts of goodness and kindness by joining in our volunteer opportunities throughout the year. 



Once a year, Chabad on Campus international invites students from all over the world to NYC to participate in a memorable weekend of fun and inspiration. 


Chabad Lounge

COMING SOON! The Chabad house is a beautiful space to study, chill, and connect with others. Starting soon, students will be able to access the spaces throughout the week. 

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