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Dear Friends at Columbia University,

Celebrating Passover away from home may seem lonely or daunting but it doesn’t have to be! As we do all year at Chabad, we look forward to cultivating an atmosphere over the holiday that feels like home. Imagine the beautifully set tables ladened with delicious traditional Passover foods. Through song and discussion, we’ll go through the 15 steps of the Seder in Hebrew and English. Whether you have been to many Seders or are curious to learn what it’s all about, we believe you’ll find it meaningful and fun!


We know how difficult it could be to find Kosher for Passover food.. which is why we’re excited to be hosting three Passover BBQs during Chol Hamoed (see details below).

Because of the importance of having Shmura Matzah (the round handmade matzah) at the Seders, we are purchasing plenty for those of you who will be joining us AND for those of you who will be going away. 

Below you'll find a full schedule of Passover events and services provided. Reservations are necessary so we could prepare accordingly. All reservations are done through the ChaBot texting system. If you are not in the system, get started by texting it here.

Looking forward to celebrating together! 

Rabbi Yuda and Naomi Drizin

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